Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Moustaches & Mould-Making

We learnt how to measure up a person’s head in preparation for making a custom fitted latex bald cap. In two weeks time we will be applying the bald caps so we just let them sit for a while to cure.

Our wig-knotting teacher taught us how to cut and groom the moustaches we had made. We applied them on each of the girls to transform them into boys - they all looked great.

Thursday and Friday were spent with Nick and Paul in the workshop and we made the fiberglass moulds for each of our sculptures. The process was new to all of us but we all learnt so much that day. Once the moulds had cured overnight we pulled them apart and cleaned and prepped all the surfaces ready for the foam latex prosthetic run.

This week was very interesting and a new learning experience for everyone. We all had an enjoyable time with our teachers.

Jennifer Kuehn - Student