Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just the beginning...

With Make-up Effects Group's Master Classes well under way, our blog is finally up.

It's been an exciting and satisfying journey to bring the school together. We have all worked really hard to make the Master Classes the best they can be. From the response we have had from all the students, we can see we are on the right track for a fulfilling and inspiring adventure.

Our focus is to bring out the best in all the students, to develop their skills and confidence as they grow as Make-up artists.
All the students were blown away by the professional make-up and hair kits they received as part of the course. With their standby and art kits in hand, they are on their way to a positive start to their training.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Make-up Effects Group MASTER CLASSES

The best professional Make-up school in Australia. This is the course for you!

Experience a new level of Make-up & Special Make-up Effects tuition with MEG, Australia's preferred course.
CERTIFICATE 4 MAKE-UP COURSE including DIPLOMA COURSE in sculpture, mould-making, prosthetics, airbrushing.

* No Make-up experience necessary
* Air conditioned, state of the art Make-up facility
* Learn Make-up for film, television, theatre and fashion
* Professional intensive 20 week full time course
* Limited to 10 students only
* Sculpture, mould making, prosthetics, airbrushing
* All tutors have over 20 years experience
* Enrolments commencing now
* Situated close to CBD, onsite parking


Dedicated tutors provide world class education with expe
rience gained through years of professional expertise on such Films and TV Drama as: Crush, Laundry Warrior, Prince Caspian, Priscilla Live, Hey Baby, Black Water, 2.37, Nightmares & Dreamscapes, Gone, Silk, Candy, Charlotte's Web, Feed, The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe, Man Thing, Darkness Falls, Ned, The Great Raid, The Matrix Trilogy, Double Vision, Cyber Wars, Cut, Two Hands, Paws, The Island of Dr Moreau, Babe, Critters 2, Cirque Du Soleil, All Saints, Water Rats, Murder Call, Mao's Last Dancer and Mary Bryant.
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