Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Accident simulation and bald caps

This week the students made latex bald caps. They started off with a glad wrap template to fit their model, which is the blue print to create the bald cap. A head form was then stippled with latex to the desired thickness. It is then powdered and removed. In their spare time they are improving their skills by making bald caps for the workshop.

The students continued to look at SPFX and were busy learning how to work with liquid latex to achieve a ‘burnt skin effect’. They also worked with the 3rd degree, gel effects, many different types of blood and their skin illustrator palettes. They have a few more lessons on working with these products, learning to achieve a natural ‘traumatic look’, not an obvious ‘make-up on skin’ look.
The students had their last art class with the emphasis on studying human anatomy. They have really enjoyed their art classes and found them to be very helpful. They have discovered and mastered many techniques that they didn’t think they would be able to achieve.

To our wonderful teacher Jane, thank you for your fantastic efforts, from everyone here at Make-up Effects Group Master Classes.

The students finished off the week in the workshop running their foam latex appliances. They were introduced to some of the techniques and skills required to run foam latex, from temperature control, mixing tips and loading their moulds successfully.

Off to Location

The students left the studio with their standby kits packed and ready for the busy day ahead.

Katherine was working on a large body-painting job and our students were there to assist her and the other Make-up Artists to complete the work required.

The students had first hand experience of the pressure that exists on a job to complete their work on time. They had to listen carefully to instructions and follow them thoroughly, working at all times quickly, neatly and cleanly.

The students had a great time and we received many positive compliments about their efforts and work ethos.
The students also had a day of learning to work with Special Make-up Effects Products. Next week, they will refer to their reference material and learn how to apply bruising, cuts and burns.

Make-up course coming of age!

The students had to do two different types of aging make-ups to complete this week’s exercises. They started off with models Rod and Keating, who are young, handsome, 30 something. When the students had finished the first exercise they had transformed our models into 50 year-old men with salt and pepper hair. Everyone was working well together as a team, producing very effective aging results.

In the second part of the exercise the students worked on models that were youthful, middle-aged ladies, who were made-up to appear in their 70’s. The students had to preset wigs for this procedure. The results were excellent and sometimes quite confronting for the models to see what could happen to them later in life.

Thanks again to all the models that helped this week, as it takes several hours of make-up application under difficult conditions to achieve the aging process, and they were all very helpful to the students needs.
In art class the students were shown how to draw hair! They had to draw many different hairstyles, which is not easy to make look real. They also learnt techniques of how to draw feathers and fur using watercolours and grease paints, which was then incorporated into designs for make-up. The day was a great success with all students completing difficult tasks to very high standards.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Having a great make-up portfolio is the key!

This week the students scrutinized their fashion shoot photos to decide which ones to display in their portfolios. It’s a huge process deciding on which photos to include, as there are a lot of really good images to choose from. At the end of the course the students will have portfolios they can be really proud of.

The Continuity lesson had the students working alone from start to finish as they broke down a script. It proved very informative, and showed us, the students are on their way to becoming well organized, disciplined make-up artists.

Wig knotting with Penny saw the students finishing their moustaches. They were also shown how to dress and apply them, and they also got the chance to apply a real hair lace front wig. Fantastic job all around. The exercise made the students aware of the time and cost involved in producing wigs and they now appreciate the expertise and work of a good wig maker.

The students also finished off their sculptures to a very high standard. They spent the day in the workshop prepping their sculpts and moulding them, and are now ready for the fabrication of their foam latex prosthetics.