Friday, January 28, 2011

Wig Knotting & Sculptures

This week brought us an exercise in patience known as wig knotting. Also learning to identify face shapes, more work on highlighting and shading and adding more detail to our prosthetic sculptures.

I think we all still feel like kids in a candy store, familiarising ourselves with our kits and learning something new every day! Wig knotting with Penny introduced us to the daunting task of making a moustache one hair at a time. I wasn't kidding when I said it was an exercise in patience! Then we were back with Louise to learn how to identify face shapes and use highlighting and shading to correct them. It was great to get into our kits again and I think I may have finally overcome my crippling eye-shadow dyslexia.

After a break for the public holiday (boo, hiss!) we went back to our prosthetic sculpture, learning more about the sculpting tools and how to use them to gradually make our creations come to life. It was all about form and making shapes look organic.

Rachel Greening - Student

Saturday, January 22, 2011

A New Start

Early morning starts all round had five overly excited people bustling in to begin what we had all been awaiting for the past few months. As Zeb, Azrielle, Natalie, Rachel and Myself introduced ourselves, we spoke of what had all brought us to Make-Up Effects Group Master Classes.

BUT... before we could get our teeth into the special effects we had to become best friends with our fabulous new makeup kits. As we collectively “OOHH” and “AAHH” over each mascara, eyeshadow, foundation, lip colours ... Louise began her trademark hygiene drill, most of us realising the amount of bad habits we would have to brake.

Our first makeup experience was Louise’s demonstration of a more natural look, all the time showing us different application techniques. When it came time to have a go ourselves we soon discovered it was not as easy on each other as Louise made it appear. Revision on our high school art was given with the importance of highlights and shadow within makeup being explained, and by ourselves attempted.

For one afternoon we were gifted with the wisdom of Beauty Therapist Lian. We were taught the importance of skin preparation prior to makeup as well as the procedure for makeup removal meaning we were each treated to facials. (YAY!!) Combined with makeup removal we were coached on how to identify skin pigmentation and how that will effect the makeup upon each person.

Thursday was prosthetic day. Initially we all felt like we’d been thrown in the deep end, but with the guidance of Nick and Paul, our characters have begun to take shape. With our first week flying by so quickly, we are all excited about what is to come.

Alexis Lynch - Student