Sunday, March 20, 2011

Congratulations Mariel

We wish Mariel McClorey all our best wishes for being successful in getting into both the FANTASY & PROSTHETICS categories at IMATS NY. A talented make-up artist with a genuine creative flair. Good luck in the competition.

Mariel and Alice Baueris are currently helping us out in the special make-up effects department of the feature film REDD INC. They are both doing a wonderful job - although they talk onset all the time... they know what I mean.

Nick, Paul, Louise

Body Art & Work Experience & IMATS NY

This has been a jam-packed week finishing off our final period work before the holidays.

We started with a briefing from the fabulous Fiona, on Body art and had a practice with a strict time limit creating a 1950’s look.

We explored the big, bright and colorful 80’s with sky-high hair and bright makeup - a fabulous end to our period makeup.

Hair lesson with Tanya, brought on 1940’s style victory curls, using our hot rollers. Everyone has come a long way with hair after only a few lessons, due to the expert tutelage of Tanya!

To end the week we went on a shopping spree for our body art supplies. We were taken very good care of in both Showcase and Three Arts (Thank you!!)

There has been lots of exciting news for MEG this week. Some of the students are working on a short film this weekend - Zeb as Special Effects Makeup Artist, will be aided by Lexi, Natalie and Rachel. Also, Mariel has been accepted in both the FANTASY and PROSTHETICS categories in the prestigious IMATS in New York!! So congratulations to everyone and good luck.

Alex Guillot - Student

Period Make-ups

Period makeup from the 1920's and 1940's: experimenting with different hairstyles from this era by using setting lotions, heated curlers and various hair pieces - our teacher Louise helped us to recreate the ultimate batch of hairstyles from the time.

Using very different eye shadow techniques, we were able to create two totally different looks on our models. Bright red lip pencils and lipstick from our pallet brought the makeup together. I wound up looking rather dashing as always, in my wig and costume, and everyone else looked great as well!

We continue with the patience of ... wig knotting. We are all going really well with our mustaches, as they take shape and start looking cool!

Looking forward to more period work from the 50's and 80's. Let’s see what we will be able to achieve next!

Zeb Tilden - Student

Friday, March 11, 2011

Transports of Delight

Following on from last week’s experimentation with grease bases, we found ourselves once again face to face with new challenges. We were to apply the same grease bases but to different features, to create different period make-ups for films, and to change skin colour to achieve a classic desirable beauty.

We boarded our Shuttle and travelled back to Ancient Egypt, where we were transformed into Cleopatra and Pharaoh, via very dark brown cream bases. It was difficult achieving a flawless even texture from face to arms, but we were eventually the stuff of legends! Filled with power, glory and mystery, our eyes sparkled with shimmery gold, and iconic greens and blues. Eye make-up was decorative and ornamental and we outlined different shapes with thick black liner to reveal our class status. Terracotta cheeks and lips, the application of a cropped black wig, white linen dress and the adornment of gold jewellery and amulets, completed our journey.

Next stop was to an era which marked the epitome of glamour, extravagance and the fa├žade – the Eighteenth Century. We were to achieve a lustrous pale complexion: desirable to the aristocrats, by applying our white base densely to disguise original skin colour. The girls enticed with their with rosy apple cheeks, irresistible rouge lips, pastel shadows, defined brows, and beauty marks drawn onto the face and neck. The ultimate look was finished with big white wigs ornamented with pearls, butterflies, ribbons and feathers, and a seductive black satin corset! Even Zeb looked simply ravishing with his pale complexion, beauty-marked face, terracotta checks and lips, and equipped with a neatly curled white wig, satin shirt and tights!

Our final destination was to The Golden Age where we became the popular Queen Elizabeth I. This time we applied our white base delicately to achieve a fine, even, pastel texture, with the faint glow of the natural skin beneath. The look was subtle and sophisticated and highlighted with red powdered eyebrows, brown shadow on the eyelids and red brown cheeks and lips. We felt very regal with a red curly cropped wig adorned with pearls and diamantes.

As our traveller brought us back to the Twenty-First Century, we were full of ancient history, knowledge of classic aristocratic looks, and definitely much more familiar with the application of cream bases. It was certainly a majestic week, my favourite so far!

Natalie Rose - Student

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Theatre Make-up

Big, bold and beautiful... also a lot more difficult then it looks. Our first challenge for the week was completing a basic theatre make-up in which we had to draw upon the techniques we have been taught, such as our product knowledge, colour theory, and the importance of high-lighting and shading.

We soon clicked as to why grease bases were our best friends for theatre and why a thorough powdering went hand in hand with those greases. With our understanding of the basic style, we were put to the test of applying a more characterised version with our own choice of WICKED characters to recreate. As some tackled the obstacles of wig setting (becoming aware of things they’d forgotten), others were faced with the challenges of being green.

We were then treated to the extremes of theatre make-up... CIRQUE DU SOLEIL. With challenge one being which design to choose, we were soon hit with challenge two - white bases. In our initial attempts to create the white mask look, we discovered there were very fine lines between not having enough base, to a perfect base, to a blotchy ill looking base. As the more colourful aspects of the make-up began to take shape we discovered the amount of detail in creating the bold and beautiful designs that make Cirque make-up so amazing. With an arrangement of crazy costumes to complete each character, as well as some acrobatic photo shots (thanks Zeb), we managed to get some fabulous shots as well as a great full group photo.

The challenge of theatre make-up was so much fun and definitely something I would love to continue with.

Alexis Lynch - Student