Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Theatre Make-up

Big, bold and beautiful... also a lot more difficult then it looks. Our first challenge for the week was completing a basic theatre make-up in which we had to draw upon the techniques we have been taught, such as our product knowledge, colour theory, and the importance of high-lighting and shading.

We soon clicked as to why grease bases were our best friends for theatre and why a thorough powdering went hand in hand with those greases. With our understanding of the basic style, we were put to the test of applying a more characterised version with our own choice of WICKED characters to recreate. As some tackled the obstacles of wig setting (becoming aware of things they’d forgotten), others were faced with the challenges of being green.

We were then treated to the extremes of theatre make-up... CIRQUE DU SOLEIL. With challenge one being which design to choose, we were soon hit with challenge two - white bases. In our initial attempts to create the white mask look, we discovered there were very fine lines between not having enough base, to a perfect base, to a blotchy ill looking base. As the more colourful aspects of the make-up began to take shape we discovered the amount of detail in creating the bold and beautiful designs that make Cirque make-up so amazing. With an arrangement of crazy costumes to complete each character, as well as some acrobatic photo shots (thanks Zeb), we managed to get some fabulous shots as well as a great full group photo.

The challenge of theatre make-up was so much fun and definitely something I would love to continue with.

Alexis Lynch - Student