Thursday, February 26, 2009

Researching Films. White Bases. Paper Mache Masks

The students this week had to do their researching of films to recreate a make-up look they chose. It was not easy as they had make-up for film periods of the 1800’s and Queen Elizabeth 1.

During last weeks hair lesson they all preset their wigs and made sure that they had a costume to wear. They had to also follow their research photos of the look they had selected, and match as close as possible. For the short amount of time that we have had, and also that the boys had never picked up a make-up brush or used make-up before - the results was excellent. Also they were using a white grease base, which at times is difficult for any professional make-up artist.

In art class they did composition, which describes the arrangement of the elements of art or design, in an artwork. Using the principles of design, they then went back to the white base, this time using Aqua colours, to get used to the technique before they do their body art next week.

To finish off the week it was their last class day working on the paper mache masks – they are looking fantastic. They also spent time in the studio workshop to continue with their sculptures.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Standby and More Make-ups

It’s amazing how quickly the weeks are passing by and it’s been great to see the students evolve as artists. This week we had the fabulous Viv Mepham guest lecturing on how to conduct yourself on set and what to put in that standby kit for correct maintenance of your make-up and hair.

And most importantly how to create a no make-up look. Thanks to Corrine, an actress friend, for coming in and giving us her time. It was great to work with someone who knows what do in front of a camera.

From the no make-up look it was off to Egypt, where we had to create a traditional Egyptian character film look - all looking very dark and now able to go mad with the gold eyeshadow.

Warren showed the students how to wash and blow dry our actresses hair, then a quick make-up so that when they left the studio they felt and looked great.

To finish off the week the students worked on their paper mache masks and off into the studio workshop to continue with their sculptures.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

CATS & Sculpting

The workload hit a high as students had to have their wigs pre-set and costumes prepared for their make-ups. The make-up classes this week were all about theatre, so after completing basic make-up for males & females, the students researched to create a character from the musical 'Cats'. The make-up process excited the students, again working with all the different products and foundations to achieve the look they required.

The make-ups took several hours to apply, as they also had to pre-set the hair under the wig caps so that the 'Cats' wigs would sit correctly. We had a very creative and inspiring day... oh and heaps of laughs as they all turned into CATS!

In art class the students started looking at what they would need for their body art make-ups in three weeks. They also started their paper mache masks. They will have a couple of weeks to finish them completely and to paint them to their chosen design.

To finish off the week the students spent extra time in the MEG workshop learning prosthetic sculpture techniques to start the process of creating their three dimensional prosthetic character.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The DOP and the Make-up Artist

This week we were treated to a fantastic lesson with seasoned Director of Photography Franc Biffone. Students became more aware of the importance of good clean make-up and hair style. A camera was set up and everyone was able to view the HD monitors to first see our model without make-up, and then with make-up applied and hair styled. Lit the correct way, the students were able to see the difference that good make-up accomplishes.

It was a great learning curve for everyone. It was a fun day that went very quickly, with the students having their first real experience of doing 'Stand-by', and communicating with a DOP as a make-up artist would.