Thursday, February 26, 2009

Researching Films. White Bases. Paper Mache Masks

The students this week had to do their researching of films to recreate a make-up look they chose. It was not easy as they had make-up for film periods of the 1800’s and Queen Elizabeth 1.

During last weeks hair lesson they all preset their wigs and made sure that they had a costume to wear. They had to also follow their research photos of the look they had selected, and match as close as possible. For the short amount of time that we have had, and also that the boys had never picked up a make-up brush or used make-up before - the results was excellent. Also they were using a white grease base, which at times is difficult for any professional make-up artist.

In art class they did composition, which describes the arrangement of the elements of art or design, in an artwork. Using the principles of design, they then went back to the white base, this time using Aqua colours, to get used to the technique before they do their body art next week.

To finish off the week it was their last class day working on the paper mache masks – they are looking fantastic. They also spent time in the studio workshop to continue with their sculptures.