Monday, September 21, 2009

IMATS SYDNEY - Makeup Trade Show Comes to OZ

After weeks of preparation we moved to the Sydney Convention Centre for the International Make-up Artists Trade Show (IMATS).

All past and present students were on hand to help with our stand, with great audio-visual and photos of the students work on display. It was a busy weekend and we were very well received by everyone that visited our stand and complimented on the high standard of work we were producing within our Master Classes.

The seminars throughout the weekend were inspiring and it was great to see so many artists under one roof talking about what they love most in their make-up worlds.

Congratulations to Michael Key, Cheryl Morrill and everyone at Make-up Artist magazine for putting on a wonderful and successful show. See you next year.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

End of Term… Production Break

It’s a countdown to our 2 week production break. The down side is that this week we have exams, our Term 1 Assignment and Paper Mache masks all due.

Starting off the week we learnt how to make a Bald Cap. We followed the process Penny showed us of pin curling the hair as tight to the head as possible, wrapping the head with glad wrap, marking the front, back and ears, and transferring our custom head wraps onto our Red Head (a special type of head is required so you can make bald caps).

Our final hair lesson for the term was all about, Up Styles and French Rolls. A good roller set was the foundation on which we were to work. The end result was fantastic, with our teasing expertise coming into practice, as our hairstyles were so tall.

The students will also be working on a short film and a theatre production during their production break. A great experience for them all and to put into practice what they have learnt this term.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Our History Ends! On to High Fashion!

We have now completed our journey through periods in history, comparing the 1950’s to 1980’s. Where the 1950’s was, sweet pretty with curls, our sparkling 1980’s was, frost and more frost, with big cheeks and hair.

We have really enjoyed the research section of the course, as this is getting the students ready for the world of film and television, where it is so important to recreate the correct looks when working on a ”Period Piece”.

Moving forward to ”High Fashion” and our “Photo Shoot”.

Starting in art class with the ”Grey Scale“, which included a painting exercise in black and white emphasising tone through highlighting and shading. Then finishing the day with make-up for ”Black and White Photography”.