Friday, September 16, 2011

Body Art 2

Body Art 1


Period Make-ups 3

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Period Make-ups 2

A lot of STYLE!

Through the Ages

This week we carried on with using the thick grease foundations, but with quite a different look in mind; we began period makeup looks for film!

We started with Ancient Egypt and the difficult task in creating an authentic look using our very dark brown foundations. To finish our Cleopatra and Pharaoh, our eyes were covered in rich gold, royal blues and greens, followed with thick black liner created in a shape that showed our status. The look was completed with a black wig and heavy gold jewellery.

Next came the 1800’s, with the thick white bases and beauty spots and designs galore, it was revealed to us just why they created such extravagant designs upon their faces. We created rosy cheeks and rouge lips, at last the look all came together with the typical hair-styled wig of that time, decorated with jewels and feathers.

Then we all turned our attention to the Queen Elizabeth makeup. Again we used our white bases but in a much more delicate manner, to create a fine layer and still have the natural skin beneath showing through. The look was completed with red powdered eyebrows, red-brown eyelids, cheeks and lips, and of course a curly red wig adorned with shinning jewels and pearls.

Then it was back to the present, and out the back to further finish our sculptures, adding details and texture, such as defined wrinkles and pores. We are getting closer to adding the flashing and then to make the mould!

Nicci Hensman - Student