Saturday, May 28, 2011

Continuity, Exams & Bald Caps

Continuity began the week, continuing on from where we left off.

Our task - to create a character from a series, based upon how we believed they should be portrayed. We then had to create a makeup chart of that character, before we were shuffled around to recreate someone else's makeup based on their ‘detailed’ chart. This exercise went well, as it showed us the importance of continuity and how a face chart and photo reference should be understandable, to get the best result.

Tuesday and Wednesday were days we weren't looking forward to... the Hair Exam... Luckily we had Tuesday as a practice, to try out our 1940's inspired hairstyles and work out how they could be improved. But we all passed with flying colours and are happy it’s over.

We were taught the art of creating a Bald Cap, using liquid latex and lots of sponges, and now are well on our way to losing our hair.

I look forward to next week with more dead bodies and high fashion makeup.

Student - Zeb Tilden

Friday, May 20, 2011

Perplexing Productions, Paint & Prosthetics

A successful Make-up Artist must be capable in not only the creative aspects of Make-up, but also in terms of organization and planning, and Louise's favorite - Continuity! This week certainly taught us what it is to be a well-rounded make-up artist. We learnt about production meetings, budgets and continuity. We also developed and pushed our creative side, airbrushing in the workshop and working on fantastical/high fashion make-up designs.

It was our final lesson with Jane, who has been an absolute treasure! We handed in our major art works, mimicking a work of art to appreciate the technique of the artist. There was a huge variety from a fabulous comic illustration by Rachel, to an innovative multi-canvas wonder made by Azrielle.

We were split in two groups Tuesday and Thursday, either doing continuity breakdowns or airbrushing prosthetics. The class has all become 'Noodling' experts, giving life-like tone to our prosthetics using the airbrushes. Now we just need to get the hang of Nick's reputable 'Splattering' technique. Our characters are really coming to life, we can't wait until the big application day!!!

In continuity, we learnt the process from getting a script and breaking it down to creating continuity sheets. We've already found our continuity lessons useful, utilizing them for a production meeting at Sydney Film School. We will put this knowledge into action on Monday working from each other’s face charts… Wish us luck :)

Student - Alex Guillot

Friday, May 13, 2011

Slit Throats & More Blood

We started off the week with slit throats and bullet wounds - not many people could probably say that to their friends and family without getting a strange look from them. We began to have a little fun when Alexis, Zeb and I created some lovely looking dead bodies. Zeb’s victim had been in a car accident with glass protruding from her skull and blood gashing from all orifices, he did this master-piece on Natalie, and I must say that it looked fabulous!

Alexis turned Rachel into a junkie with track marks up her arms and an unhealthy complexion - it looked so real!

I worked on Alex and created a burn victim that had been in a plane crash, well she looked singed to the bone, with hair flying every which way and blood cascading from all wounds, it turned out quite well.

We all created some lovely hairdos on each other on Wednesday, when Tanya came in to teach us more tricks of the trade. Alex's hair was probably higher then the Statue of Liberty, but that's okay!

Thursday and Friday we were out with Nick in the workshop. Some of us were patching up some holes in our foam latex prosthetic piece. We mixed Pros-Aide and Cabosil to create a paste called Bondo, which we then used to fill in any holes or imperfections in the foam. The others practiced more air brushing and started to paint their foam latex characters ready for the big application day in the coming weeks. Lots of fun!

Azrielle Alman - Student

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy Hobbit

Here's a nice email sent to us from Polly Mckay, a little while back when she started work on The Hobbit in New Zealand. Polly was an excellent student and gifted make-up artist, (she came first in the Prosthetics Make-up competition last year at IMATS) who seems to have found her niche. We were all very happy to receive the positive and uplifting email:

Hi Louise/Nick,

Just wanted to touch base and let you know I am loving the new job!! I'm still pinching myself daily and feel so very fortunate to be in this position!

It's an amazing new world and I have learnt quite a bit already. Everyone in the team is lovely, really friendly and so willing to share their knowledge. I love listening to all their stories about other jobs and experiences and I think there will be many fun times ahead! They all speak so highly of Paul too! :)

Tomorrow is the start of week 3 for me. Have spent the past 2 weeks hair punching hundreds of hobbit feet and hot tonging lace Hobbit hair pieces. Despite the burns to my hands, I'm eager every day. Doing a course in contact lenses this week and moving on to punching silicone (which I have found a tad more difficult).

I'm completely in my element and till now hadn't realised that 'working' could make you so happy! I look forward to all that is in store over the next few weeks and the future of the job.

Just thought I would send you an update! :) Polly