Friday, May 13, 2011

Slit Throats & More Blood

We started off the week with slit throats and bullet wounds - not many people could probably say that to their friends and family without getting a strange look from them. We began to have a little fun when Alexis, Zeb and I created some lovely looking dead bodies. Zeb’s victim had been in a car accident with glass protruding from her skull and blood gashing from all orifices, he did this master-piece on Natalie, and I must say that it looked fabulous!

Alexis turned Rachel into a junkie with track marks up her arms and an unhealthy complexion - it looked so real!

I worked on Alex and created a burn victim that had been in a plane crash, well she looked singed to the bone, with hair flying every which way and blood cascading from all wounds, it turned out quite well.

We all created some lovely hairdos on each other on Wednesday, when Tanya came in to teach us more tricks of the trade. Alex's hair was probably higher then the Statue of Liberty, but that's okay!

Thursday and Friday we were out with Nick in the workshop. Some of us were patching up some holes in our foam latex prosthetic piece. We mixed Pros-Aide and Cabosil to create a paste called Bondo, which we then used to fill in any holes or imperfections in the foam. The others practiced more air brushing and started to paint their foam latex characters ready for the big application day in the coming weeks. Lots of fun!

Azrielle Alman - Student