Friday, May 20, 2011

Perplexing Productions, Paint & Prosthetics

A successful Make-up Artist must be capable in not only the creative aspects of Make-up, but also in terms of organization and planning, and Louise's favorite - Continuity! This week certainly taught us what it is to be a well-rounded make-up artist. We learnt about production meetings, budgets and continuity. We also developed and pushed our creative side, airbrushing in the workshop and working on fantastical/high fashion make-up designs.

It was our final lesson with Jane, who has been an absolute treasure! We handed in our major art works, mimicking a work of art to appreciate the technique of the artist. There was a huge variety from a fabulous comic illustration by Rachel, to an innovative multi-canvas wonder made by Azrielle.

We were split in two groups Tuesday and Thursday, either doing continuity breakdowns or airbrushing prosthetics. The class has all become 'Noodling' experts, giving life-like tone to our prosthetics using the airbrushes. Now we just need to get the hang of Nick's reputable 'Splattering' technique. Our characters are really coming to life, we can't wait until the big application day!!!

In continuity, we learnt the process from getting a script and breaking it down to creating continuity sheets. We've already found our continuity lessons useful, utilizing them for a production meeting at Sydney Film School. We will put this knowledge into action on Monday working from each other’s face charts… Wish us luck :)

Student - Alex Guillot