Friday, May 28, 2010

Art Presentation & Prosthetics

Week 17 and all the girls were amazed at how quick this second term had gone. We started with script break down - learning about call sheets, schedules and continuity - a most important part of the make-up artist’s job.

We had our last class out in the workshop with Nick and Paul, finishing off our prosthetics and finalizing the costume ready for our application day next week.

Jane came in for our last art class, where we presented our major art works - all the students did amazing work. There were paintings on canvas, water colours and pen and ink drawings - we could all see the hard work had paid off, with all the tutors very pleased with our presentation. We all felt really proud of what we had achieved. We finished art classes with a fun lesson on face painting the ‘skull’ on each of our faces.

On behalf of all the students I would like to thank Nick, Paul and Jane for sharing your amazing skills and talents with us.

Jennifer Kuehn - Student

Monday, May 24, 2010

Old Age & Airbrushing Prosthetics

We started this week with the ‘old age’ course component - a difficult make-up process. Louise showed us ‘Green Marble’ which is sold on the market as a make-up sealer but has been adapted and is used for assisting in the aging process. When layers of Green Marble are applied to taught skin it has the ability to emphasize folds, creases and wrinkles already present in the skin and creates additional line work giving the illusion of old age. We found the product to work effectively and the key to the best wrinkles is in the application process. We also learnt about how best to care for your ‘talent’ when carrying out this makeup technique, as at times it can be a long, uncomfortable and tedious for them.

We also experimented with our normal creams and shadows to age someone up quickly using highlighting and shading. The Green Marble is far superior but this highlighting and shading method could be used in applications like theatre.

Wednesday was our final hair class with Tanya. I think we were all a little overwhelmed by this. Hairstyling is an art learnt over years and we have only had six classes, which I guess is best viewed as a ‘taster’. We can now go away and practice the skills we have been taught and put them to practical use. Wednesday’s lesson was about up styling for wedding looks. These styles employ all the skills we have been taught - blow drying, hot rollers, GHD curls etc. We were briefed on the exam expectations and now we have to go away and practice, practice, practice!

Thursday was our workshop day which we spent airbrushing our prosthetic masks. Most of us have spent some time refining technique and working out colours on our practice masks. These were masks that didn’t quite work out well enough in the foam process and were slightly inferior. It was very much a trial and error process but by the time we started on our ‘hero’ masks, we were slightly more confident. Now we have to confirm our costume choices and work on horns or facial hair to complete the overall look. I’m sure we are all looking forward to seeing our characters/creatures reveal themselves when it all comes together on the application day.

Polly McKay - Student

Careers News

I went to Make-up Effects Group, which is located in Matraville for my work placement. Make-up Effects Group holds Master Classes for those who want to get into the industry. They run a 5 month training course for those that want to work on big production movies and TV series.

I had to travel by a train and bus to get there and home each day. I got to experience some really exciting things. On my first day, I was lucky enough to be an assistant on a photo shoot. I went around to all the make up artists and helped them with odd jobs, such as nail painting on the models, wig styling, handing out hot rollers and hair spraying.

My second day I got the chance to be in the make up chair and be a model for one of the students while learning about black and white make up for photography. After she had finished my make up I then got to have a photo shoot.

On my last day there I got to be in the workshop with all the exciting special effects side of the Master Classes. I helped with a foam run, which consists of filling a mould with latex that later made a foam mask. They also taught me some basics on airbrushing, which was a lot of fun.

I really enjoyed my week there and I hope to go back very soon. The Master Classes they teach are a must for people that want to get into the make up industry. The teachers there all have first hand experience in the field and pass down their knowledge to the students. Everyone was very welcoming and helpful especially Louise Fitzgerald. They all made my experience one I won’t forget. This gave me an insight into the industry and I really want to get into this kind of work.

Nicole Tanti – Work Placement Report

Friday, May 14, 2010

Bald Caps & Airbrushing Prosthetics

A huge weekend - we were all involved in a theatre production at NIDA on Friday and Saturday nights. Great fun and it really made us realize just how busy it gets with so many make-ups to do in such a short amount of time. It was a good experience and introduction to this industry – we all came together and did a fantastic job.

Karen from the Make-up Business brought in her Era spray makeup to show us how to use it. We were all amazed at how good it was and are looking forward to working with it in the future.

After making our bald caps two weeks ago, we were ready for Kath Brown to come in to show us how to apply them correctly. Hardest job was getting the hair as flat as possible to the head - we all did quite well. Gluing down the bald cap correctly and making sure there were no visible joins was very difficult, then onto coloring them to make them look natural using rubber mask grease paints. Our end results really surprised us all with Alice applying a lace hair-piece and mustache to finish off the look… who would know it was me, and Jacinta’s beautiful blending with make-up that was out of this world…. Thank you Kath for your generosity and for sharing your amazing knowledge with us.

In art class we went though using various techniques and materials like paper, to achieve different make-up looks.

In the studio we started to learn how to airbrush, doing various painting tests on paper to understand how to control the airbrush. Once we had the hang of it, we used all the painting reference we had collected to guide us towards our final make-up look and moved onto painting our prosthetics.

Rae Hennessey - Student

Monday, May 10, 2010

Photo Shoot & Foam Latex Run

We were graced with the presence of 5 gorgeous models for our high fashion photo shoot. We each used two models to create two different looks. One being a natural fresh ‘no make-up’ look and the other a more ‘Avant-garde’ high fashion look.

On Monday the models came in for a trial run, which enabled us to decide on the looks we wanted, the hair-styles and outfits.

The following morning, our professional photographer Gavin came in for the ‘big shoot’ and we re-created the looks from the day before with much more confidence and a few changes here and there.

Gavin was quite funny and made the experience most enjoyable. He had lots of great ideas and directed the models making them feel comfortable, which enabled them to give their best. During the shoot we learnt what was required to be on ‘standby’ e.g. touching up make-up, making sure the garments were correctly placed, hair in the right spot etc.

On Wednesday our art teacher Jane showed us how to contour the face for black and white photos. We learnt about shades and tints and how it translates into a grey scale for a black and white photo.

To finish off the week we spent the day in the workshop doing foam runs for our prosthetic pieces. We learnt about all the different components required to mix together to create the foam latex and how accurate and controlled your environment needs to be to regulate the rise and gelling of the foam.

A big thank you to our work experience student Nicole who spent the week with us. She was of great assistance to all of us during the photo shoot and was a fabulous model as well for my black and white photos. She looked stunning! We thoroughly enjoyed having her and hope she comes back again soon.

All in all, another busy and productive week.

Jacinta Christos - Student

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Moustaches & Mould-Making

We learnt how to measure up a person’s head in preparation for making a custom fitted latex bald cap. In two weeks time we will be applying the bald caps so we just let them sit for a while to cure.

Our wig-knotting teacher taught us how to cut and groom the moustaches we had made. We applied them on each of the girls to transform them into boys - they all looked great.

Thursday and Friday were spent with Nick and Paul in the workshop and we made the fiberglass moulds for each of our sculptures. The process was new to all of us but we all learnt so much that day. Once the moulds had cured overnight we pulled them apart and cleaned and prepped all the surfaces ready for the foam latex prosthetic run.

This week was very interesting and a new learning experience for everyone. We all had an enjoyable time with our teachers.

Jennifer Kuehn - Student