Friday, May 28, 2010

Art Presentation & Prosthetics

Week 17 and all the girls were amazed at how quick this second term had gone. We started with script break down - learning about call sheets, schedules and continuity - a most important part of the make-up artist’s job.

We had our last class out in the workshop with Nick and Paul, finishing off our prosthetics and finalizing the costume ready for our application day next week.

Jane came in for our last art class, where we presented our major art works - all the students did amazing work. There were paintings on canvas, water colours and pen and ink drawings - we could all see the hard work had paid off, with all the tutors very pleased with our presentation. We all felt really proud of what we had achieved. We finished art classes with a fun lesson on face painting the ‘skull’ on each of our faces.

On behalf of all the students I would like to thank Nick, Paul and Jane for sharing your amazing skills and talents with us.

Jennifer Kuehn - Student