Saturday, June 6, 2009

The end is near – but it’s just the beginning…

Final exams - having two tests per day has been very taxing for all the students, but they are all up to the task. With their written papers and practical tests, they impress us all on how professional they are, and how creatively they have developed.

Thursday the students came prepared for a very big day. Yes, the time had arrived where they would be applying their prosthetic make-ups. The place was buzzing with Paul, Nick and Kath Brown, watching the students as they worked on their amazing characters. Wigs, hairpieces and costumes complete the desired look. From the initial designs and sculpture, the students have come a long way to be able to apply their own prosthetic character make-up – you could see they were all very excited by the final results.

The results blew us all away, especially considering they had never created and applied a prosthetic before. Everyone was able to bring their characters to life.

Second Term Assignments and Major Art Works have been handed in for marking. The students have been very busy and their work looks fantastic.

Their portfolios will be strong and creative calling cards when they step into the industry they are all going to be a big part of.