Friday, October 28, 2011


I'd like to thank Nick, Louise and Paul from Make Up Effects Group Master Classes for the makeup team they supplied for this years season of "Annie" by the Rockdale Regals Musical Society.

Director, Meg Day's vision of a Tim Burton style look was achieved by the makeup team headed up by Rachael Jade who looked after the Daddy Warbucks bald cap and makeup. Annie and Grace were taken care of by Natalie. Rooster and Lilly were in the good hands of Lana, with Nicci, Lea and Tina making sure the pale withdrawn ensemble and orphans during the depression, and the bright happy mood in the Warbucks mansion was clearly felt by the audience through the makeup.

The cast and crew of the Regals were a joy to work with and the appreciation shown by them of the hard work from the makeup team was loud and clear when the production wrapped. They are looking forward to more involvement by the make-up team and students from the MEG Master Classes in future shows in the coming seasons.

More photos to come.

Ken Bowrey – Make-up Supervisor

Dead Again!

What great timing for doing cuts, bruises, tattoos and dead bodies, right before Halloween!!!

It’s such fun creating and replicating 'ouchies'! Using all parts of the body, including the heals, to make some very sore looking blisters. A burnt hand was created, and how disgusting and real it looked… so real in fact that someone has already reposted it on a face book page to scare his family!!!

We also dabbled with applying and painting up tattoos, giving each other some wonderful ones to take home and scare mum!! Dead bodies were next on our hit list with so many things to take into consideration when creating a dead body – what was the cause of death, how long have they been dead for, where was the body found…? Lots to take into account.

To finish off the week we were graced with Tanya and her hair classes, braids all the way, then in the workshop with Nick to ‘noodle’ away with airbrushing and a foam latex run of our masks. What a busy week!!

Tina Paul - Student

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

High Fashion Photo Shoot & Foam Latex

The week began with the word 'red carpet', it was bold, beautiful and new. Everybody explored various colours through a Catwalk Makeup - where anything goes.

We were lucky enough to have a catch up day to complete our mustaches. Surprisingly within a couple of hours everyone had their heads down, music on and individual hair knots underway. It was a long day but I was pleased to hit my mark on making the half way point, with the fine film lace and perfectly placed hair strands.

What an opportunity to have a professional photo shoot. It was fast paced and an adrenaline rushed day. Matt the photographer was fantastic, he took in our individual designs and ideas to make each make-up look diverse and the best it possibly could. It was such a pleasure working with him and his professional standards. Thanks also to our great models.

Then it was time for our first foam latex run for our prosthetic pieces. Nick took us through the crucial process in mixing products within a specific time frame, having controlled room temperatures and the efficiency you must have to be able to produce the greatest result. This process was all new to the group and we were all very involved, the first run worked out quite well.

The second half of the day was experimenting with airbrushing. For some of us this was the first time ever using the brilliant makeup tool of an airbrush. I couldn't get enough of it, experimenting with shapes, sizes and of course, colour. With the varied amounts of pressure you applied to the trigger, you were able to achieve different tonal and textured effects. I can say that I can’t wait to explore this further and the purchase of an airbrush is next on my list.

Rachel Jade - Student

Friday, October 14, 2011

Sneek Peek - High Fashion

SNEEK PEEK. Fashion Day. Congratulations to everyone for bringing some amazing looks together. You should all be very proud of what you did.

Sculpting & Fashion

Well, I feel like I haven’t had a two week production break! Ha, well that’s because I haven’t - I’ve been sculpting all holidays in the studio with Nick! Fantastic!

This week has mainly revolved around our FASHION make-up. It was helpful to get our models in for our prep day on Thursday, to figure out the make -up, hair and clothing for our overall looks for the upcoming shoot. Our High Fashion teacher Lilly gave us some great ideas to improve our makeup and hair designs and instilled confidence in us to experiment with our looks.

Looking forward to Special Effects Makeup to start very soon.

Oh god! Wig knotting next week… death by hair!

Adrien Kent - Student