Friday, October 28, 2011


I'd like to thank Nick, Louise and Paul from Make Up Effects Group Master Classes for the makeup team they supplied for this years season of "Annie" by the Rockdale Regals Musical Society.

Director, Meg Day's vision of a Tim Burton style look was achieved by the makeup team headed up by Rachael Jade who looked after the Daddy Warbucks bald cap and makeup. Annie and Grace were taken care of by Natalie. Rooster and Lilly were in the good hands of Lana, with Nicci, Lea and Tina making sure the pale withdrawn ensemble and orphans during the depression, and the bright happy mood in the Warbucks mansion was clearly felt by the audience through the makeup.

The cast and crew of the Regals were a joy to work with and the appreciation shown by them of the hard work from the makeup team was loud and clear when the production wrapped. They are looking forward to more involvement by the make-up team and students from the MEG Master Classes in future shows in the coming seasons.

More photos to come.

Ken Bowrey – Make-up Supervisor