Friday, November 11, 2011

Continuity, Blow-Drys & Airbrushing

We left the bald caps and moustaches behind this week in order to master the art of continuity. With scripts in toe we read, re-read, highlighted, made notes and prepared questions that we would take into a pre-production meeting. We then prepared our continuity sheets detailing the make-up styles and effects required for each scene. Continuity was not everyone’s cup of tea, but an important skill for any make-up artist.

Tanya returned for our final hair class before the exam…(insert scary music). In order to recap and best prepare us, it was time to turn the clocks back and perfect a full body blow-dry. Everything from seamless sectioning to styling was fine-tuned. From here we took our blow-dry into a 1920’s modern contemporary up-style, with the classic Marcel Waves a must.

It was finally time to remove our training wheels and start airbrushing our hero prosthetic pieces. Slowly but surely in amongst the flying paint and noodling our characters began to emerge. Not long now until application day!

Natalie Di Risio - Student