Friday, October 28, 2011

Dead Again!

What great timing for doing cuts, bruises, tattoos and dead bodies, right before Halloween!!!

It’s such fun creating and replicating 'ouchies'! Using all parts of the body, including the heals, to make some very sore looking blisters. A burnt hand was created, and how disgusting and real it looked… so real in fact that someone has already reposted it on a face book page to scare his family!!!

We also dabbled with applying and painting up tattoos, giving each other some wonderful ones to take home and scare mum!! Dead bodies were next on our hit list with so many things to take into consideration when creating a dead body – what was the cause of death, how long have they been dead for, where was the body found…? Lots to take into account.

To finish off the week we were graced with Tanya and her hair classes, braids all the way, then in the workshop with Nick to ‘noodle’ away with airbrushing and a foam latex run of our masks. What a busy week!!

Tina Paul - Student