Friday, May 14, 2010

Bald Caps & Airbrushing Prosthetics

A huge weekend - we were all involved in a theatre production at NIDA on Friday and Saturday nights. Great fun and it really made us realize just how busy it gets with so many make-ups to do in such a short amount of time. It was a good experience and introduction to this industry – we all came together and did a fantastic job.

Karen from the Make-up Business brought in her Era spray makeup to show us how to use it. We were all amazed at how good it was and are looking forward to working with it in the future.

After making our bald caps two weeks ago, we were ready for Kath Brown to come in to show us how to apply them correctly. Hardest job was getting the hair as flat as possible to the head - we all did quite well. Gluing down the bald cap correctly and making sure there were no visible joins was very difficult, then onto coloring them to make them look natural using rubber mask grease paints. Our end results really surprised us all with Alice applying a lace hair-piece and mustache to finish off the look… who would know it was me, and Jacinta’s beautiful blending with make-up that was out of this world…. Thank you Kath for your generosity and for sharing your amazing knowledge with us.

In art class we went though using various techniques and materials like paper, to achieve different make-up looks.

In the studio we started to learn how to airbrush, doing various painting tests on paper to understand how to control the airbrush. Once we had the hang of it, we used all the painting reference we had collected to guide us towards our final make-up look and moved onto painting our prosthetics.

Rae Hennessey - Student