Friday, June 4, 2010

Hair Exams & Prosthetic Application

For our hair exam we hoped that we made an impression, as our work over the last 18 weeks came to an end. We all did a good job and felt that we are on the way to becoming good hair stylists - thank you Tanya for your guidance and help.

At last “our reveal” - all those months of texturing and running foam, the big day was here at last. We applied our prosthetics on 5 great models Tim, Ken, Alex, Sharon and Angus, a huge thank you for your patience, as you made the day run so easily for us. We know how hard it must have been and we all are so grateful.

With Nick, Paul, Troy, Rachel, Jess, Kala and Louise, we have realized and achieved all our goals, as our creations were more than any off us dreamed or imagined possible. The results for us all were the ultimate achievement of our characters and how well each turned out. The day was 11 hours but seemed like 1, as we had so much help and encouragement from everyone. A big thank you to everyone again and again.

Good luck to all for the exams next week.

Yee Haa Graduation soon.

Rae Hennessey - Student