Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy Hobbit

Here's a nice email sent to us from Polly Mckay, a little while back when she started work on The Hobbit in New Zealand. Polly was an excellent student and gifted make-up artist, (she came first in the Prosthetics Make-up competition last year at IMATS) who seems to have found her niche. We were all very happy to receive the positive and uplifting email:

Hi Louise/Nick,

Just wanted to touch base and let you know I am loving the new job!! I'm still pinching myself daily and feel so very fortunate to be in this position!

It's an amazing new world and I have learnt quite a bit already. Everyone in the team is lovely, really friendly and so willing to share their knowledge. I love listening to all their stories about other jobs and experiences and I think there will be many fun times ahead! They all speak so highly of Paul too! :)

Tomorrow is the start of week 3 for me. Have spent the past 2 weeks hair punching hundreds of hobbit feet and hot tonging lace Hobbit hair pieces. Despite the burns to my hands, I'm eager every day. Doing a course in contact lenses this week and moving on to punching silicone (which I have found a tad more difficult).

I'm completely in my element and till now hadn't realised that 'working' could make you so happy! I look forward to all that is in store over the next few weeks and the future of the job.

Just thought I would send you an update! :) Polly