Friday, March 6, 2009

M.E.G Make-up Course in Sydney continues to rise!

The week started with the students creating body art from their designs and then on to application of make-up/hair for the 1950’s and 1980’s.
On Tuesday, the very talented make-up artist Katherine Brown came in to teach the body art class. Thanks so much to all the dancers who gave their time; Kirby, Sheena, Tessa, Amarli and Ellen. It was great to see how having dancers as models, just brought the make-up to life, and we also had a great deal of fun and laughter. Katherine pulled together a great look on Kirby, while demonstrating the different techniques. Seeing the students producing such great work was inspiring to Kath and myself. They should be proud of the effort they put into their designs and final looks. They did stay to finish their work so it was a very long day….. but that’s the industry and their first time working under real pressure.

We were still on a high for Wednesday hair class with Warren. Thanks again to our models Ashley, Kirby, Emma and Sarah. First we had to recreate the 1950’s. Our models looked like “house wives and poster girls”. With hair, make-up and clothes they all looked fantastic. Back into the make-up chair and wow 1980’s! Hair and make-up with clothes completing the look. The pressure and time frame was most important but our models left wearing our hair and make-up designs. What a buzz! Thanks to Warren again for inspiring the class so much.

On Thursday we spent the morning at AFTRS (Film & TV School) looking around their new facilities at Moore Park. Very impressive! AFTRS would like us to become involved in their productions later in the year, which is such a good experience for the students.

An enjoyable, creative week and the students just keep getting better!