Friday, March 20, 2009

Running away with the circus!

Something we would all like to do! Well I’m one very lucky person who has done just that and what a circus it turned out to be. With our classes this week, we looked at the make-up designs of Cirque Du Soliel, how the show is put together and travels around the world. After deciding on our designs, we went to task to recreate these fantastic make-ups, with some hair work to complete the looks - we were ready for show time.

We then had to do some research into what period we wanted to recreate for “period make-up into a high fashion look”. It was quite difficult to decide on the concept, but each student in the end created a make-up and hairstyle to be proud. A stylish photo for their portfolio followed, a visual record of their work - the key to getting work in the industry. The students body of images are starting to come together very well indeed.
Hair with Warren was revision time - wash, blow-dry, straighten and curl. It was a great day with lots of fine-tuning with our hair equipment.

The end of the week and term saw the students’ hand in their paper mache masks, 1st assignment and the exams both written and practical. Now it’s off on holidays for 2 weeks. Or is it! With heaps happening in the M.E.G workshop, the students will be coming in to help and learn more about foam latex runs and mould-making.