Saturday, February 14, 2009

CATS & Sculpting

The workload hit a high as students had to have their wigs pre-set and costumes prepared for their make-ups. The make-up classes this week were all about theatre, so after completing basic make-up for males & females, the students researched to create a character from the musical 'Cats'. The make-up process excited the students, again working with all the different products and foundations to achieve the look they required.

The make-ups took several hours to apply, as they also had to pre-set the hair under the wig caps so that the 'Cats' wigs would sit correctly. We had a very creative and inspiring day... oh and heaps of laughs as they all turned into CATS!

In art class the students started looking at what they would need for their body art make-ups in three weeks. They also started their paper mache masks. They will have a couple of weeks to finish them completely and to paint them to their chosen design.

To finish off the week the students spent extra time in the MEG workshop learning prosthetic sculpture techniques to start the process of creating their three dimensional prosthetic character.