Friday, January 28, 2011

Wig Knotting & Sculptures

This week brought us an exercise in patience known as wig knotting. Also learning to identify face shapes, more work on highlighting and shading and adding more detail to our prosthetic sculptures.

I think we all still feel like kids in a candy store, familiarising ourselves with our kits and learning something new every day! Wig knotting with Penny introduced us to the daunting task of making a moustache one hair at a time. I wasn't kidding when I said it was an exercise in patience! Then we were back with Louise to learn how to identify face shapes and use highlighting and shading to correct them. It was great to get into our kits again and I think I may have finally overcome my crippling eye-shadow dyslexia.

After a break for the public holiday (boo, hiss!) we went back to our prosthetic sculpture, learning more about the sculpting tools and how to use them to gradually make our creations come to life. It was all about form and making shapes look organic.

Rachel Greening - Student