Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Accident simulation and bald caps

This week the students made latex bald caps. They started off with a glad wrap template to fit their model, which is the blue print to create the bald cap. A head form was then stippled with latex to the desired thickness. It is then powdered and removed. In their spare time they are improving their skills by making bald caps for the workshop.

The students continued to look at SPFX and were busy learning how to work with liquid latex to achieve a ‘burnt skin effect’. They also worked with the 3rd degree, gel effects, many different types of blood and their skin illustrator palettes. They have a few more lessons on working with these products, learning to achieve a natural ‘traumatic look’, not an obvious ‘make-up on skin’ look.
The students had their last art class with the emphasis on studying human anatomy. They have really enjoyed their art classes and found them to be very helpful. They have discovered and mastered many techniques that they didn’t think they would be able to achieve.

To our wonderful teacher Jane, thank you for your fantastic efforts, from everyone here at Make-up Effects Group Master Classes.

The students finished off the week in the workshop running their foam latex appliances. They were introduced to some of the techniques and skills required to run foam latex, from temperature control, mixing tips and loading their moulds successfully.