Friday, April 23, 2010

Macabre Make-up Effects and Marcel Waves

Twelve weeks in and we're getting back into the swing of school. We continued with accident simulation, playing and experimenting with the products. We mainly played with Latex, Gel Effects and 3rd Degree, all professional products used in TV and Film, that could be used to create bruises, burns, cuts and swellings. With our grease make-ups and Illustrator palettes we could make them look even more realistic. Even surprisingly mundane products such as Vaseline and KY Jelly, gave bruises and burns an extra depth so they no longer looked like make-up sitting on skin.

On Monday we each had a go at creating burnt hands, you know you did a good job when people cringe a bit looking at what you've created - pus filled blisters... eewww...

We moved on to creating cold dead bodies, dying from various bullet wounds and slit throats.

With Tanya visiting again there was a reprieve from the macabre, where we created Marcel Waves with hot rollers and clips, then turned it into a high fashion look.

We ended the week with each being allocated a "dead body" to create. Burnt bodies, drownings, car crashes, bashings and 6 week old corpses littered the classroom. All in a day at makeup school.

Alice Baueris - Student