Thursday, August 13, 2009

Working with all our new equipment

Understanding your equipment - using every product in their kits in addition to the special make-up kits that we have at Make-up Effects Group.

Our focus was highlighting and shading effects for lip and eye shapes.

We then explored the different types of make-up bases. We used liquid bases, wet and dry bases, body washes, aqua colours, body tints and greases in neutral and in colour.

Then looking at face powders including loose, compressed and bronzers, and how to use these quickly when on set.

We have now worked with different eye shadows, greases, powders and frosts, rich colours and neutrals, seeing how each one made the eyes stand out when applied.

It is important at this early stage that the students are encouraged and shown how to work with as many of the latest products available, as this course is about working at the highest level and preparing the students as best we can for their move in the make-up industry.

Finishing off the week with sculpture. The students begin their prosthetic designs.