Thursday, August 13, 2009

Make-up Artists take on the World

After several months we are happy to say that all our graduates are working away in the industry, gaining contacts and experience along the way.

Brylan is with NIDA on Location in the Blue Mountains.

Gav in on a short film and using one of our new students as his assistant.

Chantelle is in pre-production for an up coming short film.

And Ben has been working in another workshop gaining more experience.

Congratulations to all and keep up the great work.

Here is a tutorial from Wendy De Waal:

I would like to commend the students from Makeup Effects Group Master Classes for their contribution to the making of the Feature film 'One more day'.

A co-production between AFTRS and NIDA for their 50th anniversary, where I was employed as Makeup artist and Hair designer.

They were able to take part in all aspects of the makeup department and did many special effects as required on extras playing street life, hospital patients the homeless, working girls etc. and also worked on main cast doing tattoos of varying designs and techniques. I found the students hard working, enthusiastic, talented, well trained/equipped and attentive and their contribution was much appreciated.

They were also aware of the many little tasks required of a makeup assistant that are so important eg; washing brushes, towels, cleaning/maintaining cast makeup bags, keeping up stock and supporting the senior Makeup Artists in many ways including wrapping out the makeup bus at the end of the shoot.

Special mention must be made of Brylan Stewart who was the one student to work almost everyday of the shoot from makeup call to the very end of our working day. He took initiative constantly and was a valuable member of the department, on several occasions working on second unit as the key Makeup Artist. His work ethic was exceptional and he took bravely to any given task, even if it was the first time and took criticism in a constructive and professional way, as did Chantelle Hawthorn and Gavin Kyle when they worked on their scheduled weeks.

The NIDA and AFTRS students are very grateful for the contribution made by these talented Makeup Effects Group Master Class graduates and many contacts were made among these future Filmmakers of the Australian Film and Television Industry.

Many thanks Wendy de Waal

The Students haven’t stopped working, jumping from project to project. They are all gaining invaluable experience so early after finishing their Master Classes. Congratulations everyone – you should be very proud.