Thursday, August 27, 2009

Doe Eye to Smokey

We are still on our journey through periods in history. What has made an impression on the students is that in most decades, we repeat many make-ups with a slight twist.

This is very evident when working with our 1920’s and 40’s Make-up and Hair; the 1920’s ”Doe Eye”, a term used to explain the shape of the matt eye shadow placement on the eye, has now been replaced by the ”Smokey Eye“, which is the same shape, now using frosted eye shadows and liquid eyeliner for high fashion. The best way to apply this look is to do the dark eyes first and then finish up with your make-up as normal.

This way you will have a good clean make-up with strong eyes.

Our hair work for 1940’s is the foundation for today’s hair styles, so in our hair class this week we were perfecting hot roller sets, curling irons and blow drying, completing the exercise with a classic hair style.