Thursday, August 13, 2009

CATS Hair & Make-up

Pre-setting their wigs for ‘CATS’.

This exercise involved choosing their wig, pinning it on to a special wig block, then using their tongs, they started to put curls into the wig. They teased and brushed the wig into the shape they required.

Finishing the task using coloured hairsprays and a REAL hair palette to give the wig some highlights and a deep mix of colours. The wig had to look interesting and exciting to match their CAT make-up and costume.

Due to the dancers sweating so much we decided to use grease bases, which were then powdered well to set them so they would not run. To get the CAT colours required, the techniques of mixing colours became relevant from previous lessons.

We are also happy that one of the students starts her first short film next week with AFTRS - so good luck Abby.