Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lips & Hair

Today our subject was different lip shapes. Lopsided, uneven, small, large, wrinkled - we sat in class and completed a fun exercise of lining the different lip shapes on paper to make them all beautiful, plump and luscious. Once our not so perfect lips were filled in and transformed into 'the perfect lips' we paired up and created a 'look'.

Foundation and blusher is the subject of the day! Two sorts - cream and powder. After a small amount of theory, a look into plenty of different types of foundations out on the market and a quick demo, we went straight into the practical exercises. Our aim was to make up both sides of the face, one side with cream blusher, and the other with powered blusher. I enjoyed using the cream blusher, I found that the cream when blended well, has a beautiful finish.

Hooray, our first hair class. I'm very excited for today's lesson - I've always wanted to be able to 'do' hair. Our teacher Tanya is great, fast paced, lots of information. Proteins and conditioners - who would have thought there was so much thought put into products!! We learnt how to shampoo, condition, massage and then we learnt more about the hair. How to dry it properly, which products to use, why and how the hair can be styled. Then it was up to us. Wash, condition, massage, analyzed hair type, product, dried the roots, sectioned the hair, and then straight into the blow dry and then, I was done. My first blow dry! Who knew learning could be so much fun.

Tina Paul - Student