Friday, August 5, 2011

Psycho Killer & Iron Maiden

This week began with Character Makeup and I was made up as a psycho killer doctor. I had fake blood smeared over surgical gloves and held a metal tool waving it around madly, doing my best to get into character for the photo shoot. My mission was to turn one of my classmates into a prisoner. I must admit I did enjoy this particular makeup. Adding all the reds, blues and purples to the face to turn a normally pretty girl into someone who is worn, slightly aged and unattractive, was good fun.

Wednesday we began our Paper Mache masks. Jayne our teacher warned us that the process of applying layers of glue-covered paper would be addictive and unstoppable. Well she was right. Once everyone started we kept going well past home time. Applying the layers of paper for hours on end made me feel like a basket weaver.

Then came my favourite part of the week, prosthetic sculpture day. I had my earphones on and Iron Maiden, “Live After Death”, blaring in my ears, sculpting fine details and surface texture onto my clay sculpted face. What a day, couldn’t think of anything better than to sit for hours sculpting ghoulish faces in a sculpting workshop with inspirational music to energise the mind, just awesome!

Adrian Kent - Student