Friday, August 12, 2011

More wigs than ever before!

We were all bubbling with excitement for our film character makeups. Cruella de Vil was done by Lea, she did a great job on the makeup design and a brilliant effort with the costume to complete the overall look. Everybody got right into each character and made the most of the jam-packed day. A quality you need to excel in for this fast passed industry. This week we learnt how to put on false eye lashes in a completed Glamour makeup and hair look. I felt the pressure during this exercise - to complete within the time frame and slightly frustrated with my application and slow progression. However, when the time came for 'brushes down' I was happier than expected with my result.

Wigs were scattered all over the room. It was now time to prep individual wigs from the musical production 'Cats'. Everybody chose a different character after some last minute reference changes. It was an exciting time and explained extremely well by Tanya. The afternoon was a continuation on from our first hair lesson. Moving into full body blow drys, we had a demonstration with correct techniques and funny examples of what 'not' to do, when it was our turn. Everybody came out with extraordinary results for their first ever, full body blow dry. Well done guys :)

Staring at sculpted faces, it only takes moments till each of us are remodeling and refining our characters. We used thinners to wash down areas of our clay sculpture to help round and clean up the form. The process helped us consolidate the look of the character in our minds. Shez and Alana began to texture today, using wire tools and a stippling technique to add the detail.

Rachel Bartley - Student