Friday, July 22, 2011

Beauty Therapy, Art & Sculpture

From face shapes, we focused on different eye shapes. We highlighted and shaded to correct each of our eye shapes, to create the ideal almond contour.

Beauty therapy, skin care, basic hygiene principles - we then moved on to the correct procedure of make-up removal, the three-step process of cleansing, moisturizing and toning.

You think shading a circle to give it the appearance of being a sphere is difficult? Well this was our introductory exercise to our first art class with the delightful Jayne. Shape, tone, texture and colour, are the four key elements one must acknowledge when involved in an artistic endeavour, even make-up! Highlighting and shading using both cream and liquid foundations and powders - the key to this exercise was blend, blend, blend!

We were also given the opportunity to watch Nick and Paul make fiberglass moulds of their amazing sculptures - first sealing and using release agents, then applying a fiberglass gel coat and layers of fiberglass matting.

We again came face to face with our prosthetic sculptures. Some were on track and content with their newly formed creatures, while some of us were uncertain and changes were made. We sculpted away to often-dramatic theme music with a dash of Bollywood in the background. We set down tools at 6.45pm, switched off our lamps and were pleased with the work we had achieved for the day.

The fun had just begun for those of us waiting to catch the 309 bus. Everything from wet feet to the tragic fashion crime of a plastic bag poncho were realised. Stay tuned for more 309 adventures!

Natalie Di Risio - Student