Friday, July 22, 2011

New & Exciting

A passionate group of Make-up Students begin their journey! Everyone was excited but we bottled our enthusiasm and spent the first day in silence as we rummaged through our kits, with bits of plastic flying everywhere and the scent of nail polish slowly filling the room. This is going to be an amazing 6 months.

Spent some time learning about the products in our make-up and hair kits and then went onto some basic make-up exercises. We quickly had great insight into seeing how many bad habits we were going to have to let go of.

It wasn't as sunny on Wednesday, so we opted to spend our lunch break inside and Nick was kind enough to show us a bit of old school 80’s footage on some awesome sculpting by Mark Alfrey. This in turn helped us gather some more useful references for the following sculpture day.

We gave Louise a break from us today and joined Nick in the workshop. A little daunting for most of us at first as we sat face to face with our fibreglass heads. But once we got our hands in the plasticine, our sculptures began to take shape. Initially, with this being a new experience for the majority of us, our faces seemed a little peculiar. Fortunately, with Nick's much needed guidance and advice, he helped us make tour characters more visually aesthetic and organic.

I can't believe how fast the first week has flown by. Looking forward to the weeks to come.

Alana Pecotic - Student