Friday, November 6, 2009

Script Continuity. Hair Class. Mould-Making

This week the students were given their film scripts to read and break down. This is a creative and logistical process to understand the story and how to go about executing the Director’s vision. In our particular area, this is where the make-up artist is able to bring to the table all their skills in discussing character and design, and working out what is the best way to bring the most to the story, within all the budgetary and time constraints surrounding the particular project. The make-up artists notes and ideas are crucial in trying to keep everything on-track, and in balance with all the other departments. As you map out all your make-up requirements in the script, you have to start to keep a detailed ‘Continuity’ of all these requirements as the story evolves.

We would also like to thank Tanya for all the wonderful Hair classes she conducted and all the important skills and confidence she instilled in the students.

Back in the workshop and the students prepped their sculptures for mould-making - learning intricate techniques and understanding the materials they were using to prepare their sculptures for a fibre-glass mould. Well done to everyone – they tackled the lesson very well, as none of them had ever done anything like this before.