Friday, November 20, 2009

Revision and Body Art

In revision mode for the upcoming exams - discussing schedule and requirements, pre-setting wigs for selected make-ups and focusing each of the students for the busy couple of weeks ahead.

Moving onto Body Art - our models arrived not quite sure what was about to happen to them. Fiona our tutor was very helpful and made the models feel at ease by telling them about the body art process. Fiona then worked with each student, talking about the body art designs they had selected, plus any costume, wigs or hair-styles, they were going to incorporate into their final looks.
The students did free hand drawing instead of stencils or stamps, feeling the need to create the design from start to finish as they tried all the different products to produce their fantastic work. The day was long but the results were very rewarding for everyone. Thanks to Christina, Sam, Ryan and Fiona, it was a creative and inspiring day.

A great way to finish before the exams!