Friday, November 13, 2009

Continuity and Art Work Assignments

We moved into completing our Continuity exercise with our models becoming the characters from each of our scripts. The technical task of documenting all the make-ups began by taking photo reference of each of the models and creating make-up charts. The photo reference and make-up charts linked together to ‘tell the story’ of how the make-ups and hair-styles changed through-out the script. The students realized how important this exercise was and an invaluable part of the process for any make-up artist to keep on top of, during the hectic process of a film production.

Major Art Work assignments were handed in. Each of the students created some amazing pieces and each of their distinct styles were evident. Congratulations all.

With the mould-making process now complete, all of the techniques used in preparing the sculptures for mould-making were clearly understood when the students could see the final results in front of them. Ready for the Foam Latex runs and the generation of the Foam Latex Prosthetics.

We are now in revision mode as we start exams next week.