Saturday, November 6, 2010

We’re Baaack!

The two week production break flew by and we were all really excited to be back. Professional makeup artist Garry Sutiz inspired us with high fashion looks and new products and techniques to try. With this motivation and creativity we felt confident about our professional photo shoot with Gavin Douchkov.

It was a long and potentially stress filled day due to the tight schedule we needed to stick to, but with Louise’s guidance, Gavin’s photographic direction, and of course the lovely models who gave us their time, it ran really smoothly. We were all extremely proud of the quality of the work that we managed to produce… the photos speak for themselves! A great addition to our professional portfolios.

During this last fortnight we also completed our wig knotting assignment with wig maker Penny Clements. She taught us the correct way to apply and maintain the moustaches we had made, as well as the techniques used to apply stubble. Candy looked great as a man!

Crystal Davies – Student