Saturday, November 6, 2010

Exams & IMATS

The last week of term came around all too fast as we prepared for our exams. We spent time researching, practicing and dressing any wigs that we may require and going over our notes for the written component.

Tanya came in to show us GHD (hair straightener) work, as well as lots of clever styling "tricks" with the GHD.

The exam day was great fun and a welcome respite from the nerves leading up to it! Crystal even managed to apply her new GHD skills in her exam piece for film character "Elizabeth Bennet" from the BBC's Pride and Prejudice.

We were invited to help on the MEG stand at the International Make-up Artists Trade Show (IMATS). This was the most wonderful experience as we were able to listen to some amazing speakers, acquire some great show make-up specials and cheer on some past students to victory in the student prosthetic competition. A great finish to a hectic and fascinating ten weeks.

Candy Burgess – Student