Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Weird Science

All systems were go as we near our final weeks and lead up to major exams. We are learning new skills everyday - the measuring and making of a bald cap using a Redhead block and liquid latex.

We also worked on continuity and breakdown of a script for TV and film work. This is a very involved process and extremely important for work practices. We did a mock script breakdown and then each chose a character from our script to make up. We made notes and makeup charts, took photos, and then we each had to recreate another persons work using these notes. We had a hair lesson with the lovely Tanya, revising our skills and practicing for our practical hair exam. Our major art works were also due and we were all very amazed at the skills we each displayed, thanks to Jane’s careful tutoring in the elements of Art.

We also spent some time in the studio with Nick and Paul over these weeks doing the airbrushing of our prosthetics using various techniques with the airbrush, such as noodling. splattering and misting of the paint. We layered our colours using acrylic paints and saw our pieces come to life. Prior to air-brushing, the boys showed us how to patch any holes in our pieces using a Pros Aide and Cabosil mix, called "Bondo". There is a real science to this prosthetic business! Our pieces are now ready for the big day - the application of our foam latex pieces onto our Actors so they can come to life.