Sunday, September 26, 2010

IMATS Prosthetic Competition Winners

IMATS came back to Sydney last weekend for the 2nd year running. This time around they ran their Student Make-up Competition - Saturday was the Fantasy Character Make-up Competition and Sunday was the Prosthetic Make-up Competition. By submitting their portfolios to the IMATS committee, 8 students were chosen for each category from the hundreds of applicants.

Polly McKay and Alice Bauires, two graduates from our January Master Class made the prosthetic section.

Congratulations to both as, Polly was the 1st place winner and Alice came in 3rd place, 2nd was Chikako Kitadata from Japan who trained at Cinema Make-up School in Los Angles. We are very excited and proud of their achievements and the beautiful work they produced.

The competitions are not that simple as the ex students are only given a theme for the competition (Grimms Fairy Tales) but do not know what type/look of prosthetics they will be handed. It shows amazing initiative and creativity to be able to establish a direction and character on the spot.

A huge thank you to all our past graduates Polly, Alice, Gavin and Jacinta for the amazing work done at our booth. To our models Aaron and Lachlan and present students Crystal, Candy and Mariel, for all their hard work over this long weekend.

It was great to meet so many of our make-up contemporaries and let them see our student's wonderful portfolios and introduce them.

We look forward to working with the many new students that signed up on the weekend and guiding them on the amazing new career path they have chosen.

Check out the cool photos on the link below.