Tuesday, September 14, 2010

1920’s & 1940’s Make-Ups

We traveled through time and entered the world of the roaring twenties! Louise talked us through a demonstration on how to apply the “smokey eye” look, the authentic way, not to be confused with the modern adaptations that usually include blues and greens. We also found that by covering the brow and penciling in a thinner, curved 20’s brow, combined with altering the lip shape and accentuating the “cupid’s bow”, we were able to completely transform the face shape and overall look of one another.

It was another ‘Victory’ as we entered the 1940’s and created a look that was “natural, with a little support”. It was a fantastic opportunity to put the skills learnt in Tanya’s hair class into action by recreating the Victory Hair Rolls.

Tanya showed us how to create the 1920’s Marcel Wave - a technique that requires A LOT of patience. We each had a go and tried our best but agreed that we need to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!

We also had a very relaxed day, letting our creativity flow, working on our paper mache masks. I must say they look AMAZING!

Crystal Davies - Student