Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Down to Make-up Basics

Where do all the days go?

The knowledge, information and experience we've gained in just a few short weeks makes my head spin! Couldn't have been possible without the wonderful teachers guiding us with their expert tuition... Having fun while learning is a unique part of this experience!

This week has been a mixture of components! Monday was all about the lips, learning the techniques of correcting and enhancing them to achieve the ideal lip shape. Tuesday was our first hair lesson with Tanya, a qualified hairdresser with years of experience, who taught us the basics about hair. We learned about different hair types, how to shampoo hair, working with different hair products, as well as going through the components of our well equipped hair kit. We each had a go at shampooing and prepping one another's hair.

Wednesday was focused on bases and foundations, choosing the right one for a specific occasion and look. We experimented on each other with our aqua colours and grease foundations to get a feel of the materials and to become familiar with their consistencies. To get a better idea of what it felt like to be made up, we got into pairs and painted each other's faces with an experimental design of our choosing. Finally we were each given a picture of a newsreader as reference to replicate, so once again we got into pairs and made up one another, and for the first time styled the hair as well.

Amy Merhi – Make-up Student