Sunday, July 25, 2010

Make-up Shape & Detail

They say time flies when you are having fun and that is how we all feel in week two of the Master Class. It was all about focusing in on the details and nuances of each face. We analyzed face shapes and looked at each other to determine the sometimes tricky job of defining someone’s face shape. We then learnt ways to correct, enhance and change the shape of a face with highlighting and shading techniques, using both crème and powder products. Tuesday was all about eyes and eyebrow shapes and how to correct, enhance and accentuate the different eye shapes we studied. We are all still extremely excited when it comes to getting into our amazing makeup kits and experimenting with colour and product.

On Wednesday we had makeup artist and visual artist Jane come in to start us on the art component of the course. We learnt that the four main components of visual art -Tone, Line, Colour and Texture directly relate to make up artistry and how a make up artist approaches their subject. We warmed up to doing our high-lighting and contouring make up by first doing a still life sketch which we all found challenging – but it got our hand/eye co-ordination happening and taught us the importance of being confident in your brush stroke.

Thursday it was in the workshop to get back to our prosthetic. When we sat in front of our expressionless fibreglass casts to start sculpting onto in week one, we didn’t even know where to begin as we were all new to this and intimidated by the task. Coming in this week, it’s amazing to see characters staring back at you - witches, ghosts, boogiemen and gangsters that were all on paper as reference, now exist in 3-D, challenging us to keep going and make them real.

Mariel McClorey – Student