Monday, July 19, 2010

A Make Up Journey Begins

Candy, Mariel, Amy, and Myself all come from different backgrounds with two major things in common... a passion for make-up and special effects and choosing MEG to teach and equip us with the tools, skills, and knowledge to follow our dreams.

WOW! What a week! Day one was like Christmas as we explored the products and tools in our new make-up, hair, and stand-by kits. Then we got right down to business with Louise taking us through, step-by-step, the process of applying a basic natural look make-up. All the while advising us on such things as the different brushes and what they are used for, the differences between crème and liquid bases, how to follow good hygiene practices (and abandoning those not so good ones that we have developed over the years of applying our own make-up), and the importance of making sure the talent is calm and comfortable during the very personal process of applying make-up to a stranger.

Beauty Therapist Lian took the class one afternoon for a lesson on the importance of skin preparation prior to make-up, as well as the correct procedure for make-up removal -especially around the very sensitive eye area.

Finally, Thursday had us in the workshop with the boys - Nick and Paul - as we began the very daunting process of beginning our face sculpture for the prosthetic make-up component of the course. Although it seemed scary at first, Nick and Paul managed to ease our nerves by giving helpful instruction, demonstration, hints and tips, and words of encouragement. We began to see our creatures take form. VERY EXCITING!

Crystal Davies - Student