Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Character & Glamour Make-ups

It’s been another fun filled week in the MEG Makeup Studio! Having the fresh face of Alice, our year 10 work experience student, we were able to create new and exciting looks for each other. Monday’s look was ‘Glamour’. Each of us explored and produced our own ideas of glamour makeup, from the classic style of Audrey Hepburn, to the polished look of today’s Burlesque beauty Dita Von Teese.

On Tuesday we focused on character makeup for film. Louise had us replicate the looks of Anne Hathaway from the “Princess Diaries”, Glenn Close as Cruella Deville from Disney’s “101 Dalmations”, and Julia Roberts’ character in “Charlie Wilson’s War”. It was very exciting to do the Hair and Makeup, choose costumes for our models to wear for the photo shoot and to see the transformation of each character come to life.

Tanya, returned this week for a jam-packed day of theory and practical work on styling with hot rollers. It was a definite “Victory” for some of us re-creating the look of the 1940’s “Victory Roll” in each others hair. Tanya also talked us through styling and pre-setting wigs for our “Cats” characters next week. We were able to bring together some amazing designs for the characters.

Back to our sculptures – Nick & Paul happily showed us new techniques for refining the form and adding intricate details, such as pores in the skin, and natural or “organic” lines and creases. It seems we have all developed a Love/Hate relationship with the faces that silently stare back at us as we sculpt... Some days we get along with them, other days they become very uncooperative!!

We have learnt so much these past 5 weeks and not only do our amazing teachers have high expectations of us from here on in, we are beginning to feel much more confident and have high expectations of ourselves!

Crystal Davies - Student